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Open Positions (Xidian)
In 2020, Xidian University will fund 5 PhD students / postdoctoral fellows in the field of "AI for Science and
Technology" and 3 PhD students / postdoctoral fellows in the field of "AI for Life-Science" as well as research visits at FIAS and Xidian university through the XF International Joint Research Center.

Upon acceptance, the students and postdoctoral fellows will conduct their research at the XF Joint Research Center at FIAS in Frankfurt, Germany. Funding will be provided in form of stipends for the duration of the stay at FIAS.

The following projects are available for candidates:

Research project and supervisor at FIAS:

5 doctoral students / postdoctoral fellows in the field of "AI for Science and Technology:
(1) Research direction: Statistical Physics with deep learning; FIAS PI: Dr. Kai Zhou
(2) Research direction: Computational fluid dynamics with AI; FIAS PI: Dr. Jan Steinheimer
(3) Research direction: Cavitation and leakage detection in large pump / pipe systems; FIAS PI: Prof. Dr. Horst Stöcker
(4) Research direction: Power networks optimization with AI; FIAS PI: Dr. Alexander Kies
(5) Research direction: Autonomously learning robots using deep intrinsically motivated reinforcement learning; FIAS PI: Prof. Dr. Jochen Triesch

3 doctoral students / postdoctoral fellows in the field of "AI for Life-Science:
(1) Research direction: AI approaches for classification of cancer subtypes; FIAS PI: Dr. Nadine Flinner
(2) Research direction: Image processing with AI; FIAS PI: Dr. Michael Wand
(3) Research direction: Big data analysis in life sciences with AI; FIAS PI: Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff

Postdoctoral positions will be awarded if the PhD positions cannot be filled.

In addition, the joint research center is open for any innovative projects in the above mentioned fields. If you are a student orresearcher and want to collaborate with the scientists of the XF-IJRC or want to conduct your project within the JRC, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More information and requirements and how to apply can be found on the Xidian University website:
For further details please contact XIDIAN university:
Phone: 029-81891846
Frontier Research Institute website:
Contact person: Xu Teng
Address: No. 502, Administrative Office Building, Xidian University, 266 Xinglong Section, Xiqiao Road, Xi'an
or the Joint Research Center at FIAS: